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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
how hard would it be to make a clicking mechanism for the 12g bucket? maybe even a button where a real pistol mag release would be and even switch its sides at the workbench?

when i tried the frame it was the most glorious frame ever, but having to mind the changer coming loose is a pretty bad setback.
A nylon tipped or full nylon set screw could be added to the back side of the grip adapter. that would supply friction to the bucket after it was engaged but not fully seated. it should be possible to position it so that any ano wear it caused would normally be to the front. different length 12 grams might move that around a bit though.

I cant easily do detent notches. i know what you mean though. those are stock cci buckets. i dont have a 4th axis to make notches all the way around, and i really dont have the time or patience to do it manually lol.

Its a common issue with at least cci bucket changers. you can have speed or a tight thread. pick one lol.
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