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Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
they had a GTR at the nissan dealership, fwiw
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
yes, women buy and drive cars now, you've lived a long life haven't you?
...they're chick cars, DUH!

But anyways, jokes aside, American cars have really stepped it up in terms of quality and features. More so than imports IMO. Right now is the best time to buy an American car. They're trying way harder than say... Honda or Toyota, who are pretty much riding on their reputation of being dependable and reliable, though they aren't what they used to be. Same with BMW and Mercedes Benz. The tables have turned and Japanese cars rule the luxury car market now, and the Germans are mimicking the Japanese, not the other way around. But all around, foreign car companies have started to cut corners ... American car companies are working hard to try and fix their image.

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