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T2 shredding paint

Hey, my T2 has developed a nasty habit of shredding paint. Most of the breaks look like they are happening in the feedneck. I initially thought it was my hopper, so I switched hoppers. Same issue.

*edit* - I also switched barrels to a bigger bore and checked the paint. The paint was not overly brittle

I started checking the velocity and found I was shooting hot. I followed Talfurche's set-up guide to try to bring the pressure down, thinking it might be air coming up out of the top tube into the feedneck and blowing up balls in the stack. The only problem is that my reg adjuster screw, when set just far enough in to stop the leak down the barrel, is not even flush with the reg body, which makes me nervous.

BLUF: My T2 is shredding paint; I think it is a pressure issue; Reg adjuster screw is sitting beyond flush which doesn't seem correct.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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