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Originally Posted by CJOttawa View Post
Only one comment on looks: consider making the feed tube appear to be more integrated with the slide - less of a chamfer/groove where the feed and slide meet, ya' know what I mean?
Trying to get rid of sharp corners, if i dont somebody will bitch later lol.

There has to be a small bap between the two because one moves and one doesn't. it isnt much of a gap, but it migt be currently accentuated by chamfers to get rid of the sharp edges. ill see if i can change it up a little.

Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
I like it!

Honestly hurting for cash right now so take my opinions and questions as that of just a dreamer right now...

but what size dovetail are you cutting for?
and can the dovetail groove for a large front sight be added to front pump handle in case we went with our own feed tube?
(like one of those large blanks that you file down to fit your specific gun's point of aim? OVERSIZE DOVETAIL FRONT SIGHT | Brownells)

The one I see in my head would be stock cci feed filed to be a cramNjam, dsp grip/air and dsp v2 pump kit.
I forget the name of that size dovetail, its one of the very common ones.

I could do it as a custom order, but not standard i am trying to keep the basics as simple as possible. it wouldnt be a huge deal to do though.

you would need an enourmous front site to see over a cci feed. i cant see what your link shows. i get nothing from the mobile site on my tablet.
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