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Originally Posted by Hooligan View Post
I finally got some good trigger time this morning to sight my SR-1 in for D-Day.
It was a slow day at the paintball field I work at so I took the time to walk off distances to targets on our concrete field from my benchrest using a meter wheel.
I marked distances on the structures with spray paint.
I am pretty comfy with first strike rounds and their capabilities; the SR-1 is my 9th marker that can shoot first strikes.

I am absolutely blown away by the accuracy of the SR-1. I was rocking a target at 320' all morning long. Where I may have hit something at this range with a first strike before, it has never been this tight of a grouping or consistant. I don't know what magical fairy dust and unicorn boners you sprinkled in the reg, but it is unreal. 5 shots over a big red chrono, 299, 299, 298, 299, 297.

I cannot wait to take this marker to D-Day this year and get let loose in such a target rich environment. ( Play for the German side or be a target all weekend; your choice).

Will there be anymore SR-1 owners at D-day with me this year.

What barrel are you using?

I think you will be the first to use an SR1 at ODD.

Make sure you do pics.

We haven't done any formal 300' shooting yet. 80-90 yards is a kill shot 100% on our ISPC targets. (body target).

We are closing in on 300+ pretty fast.
Ecc. 9-10
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