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Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
There are a couple more options

Xs has a .600 here POST FRONT SIGHTS | Brownells

And skinner has some .650 on there front sight page too Front Sights
I think those are still going to be way too short. Unless you are playing back on a football field lol.

messed around a bit more today. Added some ball slots on the side and turned the feedtube so the slots are on the picture side. I also shortened the feedtube pretty much to the max. Still holds 11 balls.

I also tried my hand at an addon compensator. Not sure if like.

CJ - I am not seeing the gaps you were talking about. I removed a space between the upper and lower that didn't need to be there behind the feedblock. But thats all I am seeing. Unless you are talking about the "joint" between the upper and lower tube.

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