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i didnt take any pics during the build but ill try to fill you in. I started with a quantum motor. i originally configured it like this. I needed to hack off 1/2 in of the base of the impeller. I then drilled it out smaller the the spinning part of the motor. I then press fit the circle onto the hexagon of the motor the hopper fed surpisingly well but in spurts. I decided the screw design of the impeller was to blame as it can only feed a % of the time and it resets for the next pull. So tape over big hole #1 and go to a different impeller. i used a 9 volt revvy impeller for the next try. I kept the quantum motor. Ive been around long enough to learn that snips make good clean cuts on most plastics. I used simple wire cutters to make the cuts. there really isnt much left of the two arms but judge for yourself. i tried to keep as much as possible without having any friction on the sides. keep in mind that getting the impeller screwed down is a hassle and you dont want to do it more than needed. I cut twice. I drilled the hole in bottom of the hopper so the motor is touching the feedneck. I drilled a hole in top of the hopper so i could get a screwdriver in to secure the impeller. I used a sharp razor to cut the hole bigger so i had room to work. A normal hopper you would break in half and i didnt have that option here. I put the screw in the impeller and balanced the impeller on a screwdriver upside down. i lowered the shell over the screwdriver and poked it through the bottom hole. Screw it down tight and you have the motor flopping around. Arguably the most important part would be the spacing between the imp and the bottom of the hopper. you see where the switch is taped on, the motor pretty much ends there. Above it is a plastic shim. Its a plastic bit i found at work that i though would do. you have to find your own piece of trash the other side i folded a piece of cardboard into a ramp.
(marlboros that i havent smoked in 2 weeks now thanks to my ego ecig highly reccomended) i started doing feed tests taping it all in place and untaping to readjust. I slid the ramp out until ithe motor was at an angle that didnt jam. i ran out of air and am waiting to try the most recent configuration. one other note would be the revvys impeller is visible through the feedneck. It is diredtly pushing balls over the edge and into the gun if that makes sense. Hope this helps and get with me if you have any further questions
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