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Yeah I actually made it in LATE(posted that video on Dec 31st) 2005. The hose is a piece of macroline with super glue in it to make harder and to hold the 3 way plunger and piece of thick paper clip, definatly redoing that. The ram I have considered making a sleeve to slide over the barrel and fix it into place somehow then hose clamp the ram to that. The reason for the sleeve is because the plastic is pliable enough that I've noticed distortions in the inside of the barrel.

And about eblading it, if you watch the video that's what Project Herbavore was going to be. The whole Auto-talon was to make fun of this 45 year old idiot at the local field who talked a LOT of smack and told all of our new players that they sucked because they didn't have a Karnivore.
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