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Soft goods, Halo parts, hard goods, BE Poison project (big pictures)

I need some money in my PayPal for a new hopper and maybe some other goodies, so up goes some gear I never use.

My only "rules" are PayPal only and please post then PM. All prices are shipped. Thank you!

I apologize for the huge pictures. If somebody could resize them for me that would be greatly appreciated.

Extreme Rage mask- $15
Large JT jersey- $15
NXE 4 pod pack- Sold

Take it all for $30 shipped.

32* Spyder barrel- $10
SP Progressive Impulse threaded barrel- $10
Barrel holder- $5 (free with purchase of both barrels)
Remote line- $15
Pod of about 95 reballs (pod included)- $15
Site rail, beat up 2k Autococker bolt, beavertail- $5 for all or free with something else
Unknown 45* grips- $5
Non working Halo (Shocktech drive cone and rip drive, Hybrid Suicide Shell)- Sold
New Empire B2 board, includes back plate and instructions- Sold

Generic gloves- $5
JT gloves- $10
Zephyr gloves- $10
Neck protector (will be washed)- $5
Fudpuckers bandana- $5 or free with something else
Never worn Kohn headband- $20
Crown Royal bottle bag- $10

Take everything for $40.

Brass Eagle Poison project. I believe all the screws are there but I'm not entirely sure. Internals are corroded and barrel is dirty- Sold
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