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Originally Posted by splatmaster12 View Post
So it seems I will not be attending living legends this year as I had planned, the up side of that is that I have $600 or so free to spend. Problem is Iv gotten the motorcycle itch, and $600 will not cover any decent bike. Therefore, this is the "get me a bike" sale thread. All prices are obo, but please dont lowball me. Prices do not include shipping but we can negotiate depending on where you are. The best way to get a hold of me is to pm, although it is nice to post first

Second is my beloved crosman 3357. I bought it refurbished from acrewofone, all internals are in perfect shape and it holds air indefinitely. However, it was used as a prop in my high schools rendition of Oklahoma, and therefore has some damage. while out of my sight it was obviously dropped several times, the latch plate screw is missing, and due to my brothers "I can fix that" attitude the plastic barrel sleeve has been melted beyond repair and there is some goo on the barrel and latch plate. I wouldn't be surprised if Acrewofone wanted to buy it back and re-refurbish it $80obo.
$100 total Paypal, shipped to the US.

(I just happen to have a replacement barrel insert and the screw to that plate).
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