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Thanks for the unlimited paintballs, as I said on FB great game to play while my knee heals. Since I was running around the office playing this everyone in my office has downloaded this. However I agree with everyone in that buying paintballs should be easier. Everyone at the office said they would probably stop playing if they had to pay for more paint and the upgrades but they said they would prefer to pay an upfront cost. I've bought some gold because you're a top bloke and for getting paintball to even people that don't play. I wish you made a PC version ;-) thanks for the great game anyway mate. Also another point I noticed was the reload time is far too long it needs to be half what it is now. 1v5 and 1v7 if you run out of paint they grab the flag and hang it before you finish reloading it is quite annoying when you're trying to shoot the last player and waiting for it to load and watch him run past you.

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