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You don't wear a cup?!? Seriously?!?

That is crazy. I have only forgotten mine ONCE in years. (and I got nailed about 2 inches away my first game too!)

I get hit in the cup way too often to not wear one. I have lots of video of me getting shot in the cup... Course, I play very aggressively, so maybe that has something to do with it. But, ask your urologist about testicular injuries, and I guarantee he will say one of the leading causes of major damage is from playing PAINTBALL!

That is a little known fact about our sport... You really should wear protection. Your body position is silly as you never know where someones paint is flying...

Medscape: Medscape Access

"One report even described testicular rupture from a paint ball injury."

Preserving Male Fertility in Sports Activity |
"Even recreational sports such as paintball have resulted in testicular injuries and hospitalization."

Our sport does a POOR job of telling players how important protecting your "boys" is when playing paintball! We are shooting at 300 fps. Which is fast enough to DESTROY an eyeball, AND a testicle... Yet we ignore the testicle danger...

A mask is annoying to wear, yet we would never let someone play without one... Why do we not require the same for our "boys"?

A cup fitted properly and worn correctly (underwear FIRST then cup over the top) is not uncomfortable if it is the correct size. (Most buy one too big, and it moves around on them...) I played sports for years, so I am totally used to wearing a cup, and I can run/crawl, dive, whatever, and never even think of it. Until I get hit there, and thank my lucky stars I was wearing a cup!
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