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The problem with this "hunter" attitude is the people who love it most wind up being dead weight to their team when there is no opening for such maneuvers. And sometimes you have to create your own opening, which means being a decent, direct, upfront player first and foremost. (1) Let's be honest -- most people who default to "hunter" do so because they simply cannot handle direct engagements. Most of the time, it's a physical fitness issue.

And even if there is an opening, by the numbers, if you're not engaged with an opponent, then you just put your team down by 1 player for that duration. In some instances, that's enough to lose the game. And sadly, most of the time, "hunter" types don't care about their team. They fancy themselves hunters and just like hunting for the sake of hunting.

Nevertheless, step 1 for successful hunting is to pick a team good enough to tolerate you hanging them out to dry for possibly a large portion of the game.

But if you could do that, then why not just join your team in the direct engagement and outright stomp the other team?

Return to point 1: a hunter is born.
The problem imo is mindset. There are a lot of ppl who love it, but also realize that there is a time and place for such a style, and that there are other times where they have to take the fight head on. Not to be a brown nose, but imho Russ is a good example of such. I've heard (not seen) of him pulling off some pretty legendary ninja moves. And other times, i've seen him head on gun fight his way up a large hill through a series of bunkers. There are various others that have done the same. There are a handful of others who i can think of who are good "hunters", but are also good straight up gun fighters.
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