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The majority of players that I face rely on volume of fire to get an elimination. The ones you have to watch are the guys that are very good with their paintball guns, and will fire only a few shots and put paint on you with their first shot typically. Those are the guys you need to hunt... while you can easily take out the sprayers as you encounter them.

I often hunt players on the other team at my field. Especially if they have gotten my flag in previous games. So I find them and shut them down. Then go after their flag...

One of my favorite things to do is to pay attention to where other players go, and then put myself into a position where they will walk right towards me. So I get their first and wait for them to approach me. Very fun to see just how close they will get to you before you pull the trigger and take them out. I've had guys get 15 feet away from me before they saw me! And they would have walked right into me if they hadn't seen me! lol! Watching their eyes and the shock when they realized they were staring at the end of my barrel is one of the best parts of paintball! Especially when they see the paint head right for their face and there is nothing they can do but raise their hand!
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