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I think I'm staring at the same rail system you are, Donut. I really like the way that diamond milling looks, very unique. And the price on some of those foregrips is pretty reasonable.

I have a round YHM on my SR1 now but I'm not a fan of the way it looks, I like the one you're looking at a lot better. I'm also digging this one, from Parallax Tactical...

I think one of those two rails, MOE grip, UBR stock, and a Killjoy APR2 will round out my SR1. I picked up a TruGlo fixed 4x Red/Green illuminated crossbow scope from Dick's Sporting goods on the cheap, and I actually rather like the reticle design so I'll keep it on there for the time being. I just need a chance to put some FS rounds through it for once.
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