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Here's a quick pick of TGR2 with a XPS replica sight I duracoated.

I wanted to hold off any comments about the marker until I had ran it through the ringer a bit. In conclusion I am very happy with the product. I have no past experience with mag fed markers so I can't speak to the comparison aspect. What I can detail is my personal experience with it.

It's very ergonomic, I don't get any hand cramps while using it.
The sight window that shows if you still have ammo in your mag is very useful, I find myself using it quite often.
The rear cocking handle oozes coolness.
The trigger might be a bit stiff for some of you electronic guys but I find the breaking point nice and very much like a real firearm.

As far as deviations go, I'm running co2 (I know, I know) and even still the deviations are remarkable. A 5fps or less deviation is most common but you will sometimes see a difference of 10fps. The again I'll get a spike or drop of about 15-20fps about every 1/15 shots or so which I'm sure is the co2 and you wouldn't see this on hpa.

I've got the XPS sight dialed in to about 50ft. At 50ft I can get about a 6" pattern shotting Graffiti through a 14" .690 Lapco assault. Yesterday we were playing headshots only and from about 40ft I was able to slip some balls through about a 2" vertical gap taking someone out only firing 2 balls. I would recommend going with a 1" sight riser for this marker, anything shorter and you wouldn't be able to use most optics.

So far I have had no issues with breaks, jams, misfeeds, mag issues, or anything else really.
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