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Originally Posted by minimag03 View Post
You have my favorite combination of autococker trigger parts. An Angry frame + an AKA trigger plate + a Belsales roller sear + a Hollowpoint = the smoothest autococker trigger ever conceived. I have the exact same setup on my 98 Evolution.

I cannot tell by the pictures but did you polish the AKA trigger plate? They are kinda rough from the factory and it can make a huge difference.

Also, people are once again getting paid to assemble and time autocockers?!
I love the combination as well! And yes, the plate was polished by docfire...its very smooth! docfire actually does the assembly and tuning for free (less any parts needed and shipping costs). However, I did make a nice donation to keep his services up and running for free for Custom Cockers members

Nice to see a fellow Mountaineer on here. I live in the eastern panhandle.
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