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Op ,

Sounds like you can get quite a few people. This is our first game in a while so we are gonna stick to the basics ,playing like we did over 20 years ago. (Most of us are around 40 Y.O. btw) Most of us have basic Sheridan equipment , pgp 's ,Pmi 's , Kp's , and a few basic phantoms. When I say basic I mean 12 grams and 10-15 round horizontal feeds. We do have fast changers and speed loaders and even some mac-1 changers.
We will allow tanks ONLY if the marker has a small stick feed (10 rounds)or horizontal feed. We are a group that dislikes the " spray and pray " play and favor the old school soul of tactics and strategy. The older and more basic the gun is the better. Hell if you have a splat master rapide , 3357 , stock Nelson , or a brass eagle you will be the " man".
We want to keep these old relics from gathering dust and remember the way paintball started oh and remember the good ole days of our youth.
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