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you should be able to make it with a lathe.....

male/male shouldnt be too hard to do, just gotta figure out the overall length and work around it

sometimes you can take a couple off the shelf parts and get where you need to be

in the past for other projects, i've taken a male threaded plug, drilled/tapped it for some other female thread and solved problems like this

the trick will be to find a plug that sticks out of the 12x1.0 or is fatter up top

OR use a reducer and go like 14x1.0 plug into 14x1.0/12x1.0 reducer into the 12x1.0 end


F an4
M an4/ M 12x1.5
drill/tap plug in a 14x1.0 to F 12x1.5 / M 12x1.0 reducer
F 12x1.0

make sense??
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