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Black Mechanical Karnivor

I can give you a story but who reads those

Black Mechanical Karnivor #0850 for sale. Asking $OLD!!!

  • Dust Works hinge frame
  • Original EVO ram and QEVs
  • drop
  • original asa
  • stock reg
  • Palmers Quickswitch (thing's a b***h to tune)
  • Original tickler lpr (unknown status I never attached it...)
  • Extra Slick bolt
  • Original eblade 3-way
  • E2 and Original karnivor gripframe
  • .687 Kaner barrel and short front
  • I found another back fitting to attach to the eblade asa, I'll throw that in

Full Disclosure:
  • Eye (or beam sensor, whatever you wanna call it today) works on occasion. Sometimes it'll read, sometimes it won't. If using a force fed loader you wont have a problem.
  • I shot out the detent that's currently on there. My bad. Included is the stock one that could be rebuilt as well.
  • The three screws to attach the right grip cover grew legs and ran away.
  • Lastly, in mech form the Quickswitch is a pain to tune. I fires now but I can't guarantee it'll be perfectly timed when you get it. That's your margin for adjustment, paper thin.
  • No asa for the mech frame, what you see is what it's coming with.

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