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82nd AB

Gen. Travis Posey, head of the 82nd Airborne Division
has these words of advice for members of his unit, as
well as anyone else who's still undecided as to which
unit they'd like to join.

Troops, just 4 more weekends to go till I step on the
field and join the finest division at D-Day, the 82nd AB
Division! I want to encourage all of you to get outdoors
this weekend. Here in the Midwest it is supposed to
nice and hot and a great chance to begin the acclimation
process. Drink lots of water, wear sunscreen and move
stay engaged.

Last year we stayed engaged the entire day and our
unit maneuvered and covered 100% of the field. It will
be no different this year. You didn't join the 82nd AB to
capture and hold, you joined because you want to
aggressively annihilate the opposition and then go
hunting for more! That is my plan for 2013 and those
are your standing orders till further notice.

D-Day, often copied but never duplicated!

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