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The biggest issue I see is the size of the battery. It limits how small you could make the hopper. I would like to see a redly available Rechargeable lithium ion battery that can extend the battery life of the halo motor setup. I have some very small batteries I use with my Mini 3D helicopters that put out more power and hold a charge longer then 6 AAs that I buy out of China for $5 a piece. However I don't know much about voltage and all that jazz to see if its posable to get them to work. They are 1" square and about a 1/4" thick. This would allow you so make the hopper 1/2 its current size and cut the profile down tremendously at the same time extend its battery life and cut the weight. The area ware the battery sits can be relocated increasing capacity while decreasing size, possibly sloping the front similar to the rotor.


I have some home projects going on I need to complete first, but I may pick up a 3D printer before they become illegal like everything else in NY. They look to be quite expensive for one that will print in ABS tho. Maybe if I print enough I could sell them to pay for my printer.

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