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Originally Posted by Donut SD View Post
I got this one for a steal. Yay for factory seconds!! I want a longer one for my second sr-1 and that lapco Barrett muzzle tip. It's gonna rock. I was really impressed with how the finish was a near perfect match to the sr-1 body. Like its meant to be there

Bill, I also like iron sights. It might be heresy but ill use it like that for standard range....and regular paint.
Just ordered my complete setup, your pictures inspired me. I got the same handguard in their "specter" length. 9.675" or something along those lines. It's about a half inch or so longer than the one I have on there now. Did some measuring and since I'm using the AC barrel adapter, the longer one would look kind of stupid unless I got a longer barrel. It would leave less than half an inch of barrel exposed unless I bumped up to a 16" barrel. With the rail I got, it should look good either way.

Whole kit:
YHM Diamond, 9.675"
Magpul MOE-K grip
Magpul UBR
Magpul AFG1.

Since I'm planning on bringing this to Pumpers this year and they don't allow FS rounds for "safety concerns" I was toying around with picking up an Empire Super Freak kit to use with that Apex tip, for gits and shiggles. Any thoughts? I'm fully aware that SR1's aren't designed with that in mind, but I think it could be fun.
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