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Originally Posted by elraido View Post
Well, should only be about 20 years before they get a charging station in my neck of the woods. That should give them enough time to get a battery that will start in -60F temps.

There is no way I would put anyone in the rear of the hatch like that. Any accident they are in, they are dead or are going to have severe head trauma injuries.
The battery isn't in the back, it is the floor of the car. It ends before the rear tires. So you have a bit of open space (The trunk) before the solid motor and rear axle and then the battery. But I get where you are coming from. The NHTSA gets their cars in the spring/summer of this year, so we will have to see how they do with impacts and such.

Originally Posted by RatFink View Post
LOL. I remember reading stories about that thing, how the direct short solenoid stuck on at the drag strip in that thing and it was burning rubber and pulling wheelies at the same time! entertaining stuff. I had quite an interest in the NEDRA before it was "cool" to go electric. One of my best friends drives one of those Teslas daily, and that are not all they are chalked up to be. What you have to figure, is the miles per hour. Meaning, how many miles can you drive per hour of charging. He can't even make his commute off a standard 15A 110V socket charging the car over night. Luckily, he has 440V available at work, so he is able to charge enough during the day to get home. We aren't there yet, but getting closer all the time.
Yes, getting closer all of the time. I have no idea how far your friend commutes, but with the 60 kW battery, they can go around 208 miles before the charge.
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