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Why no companies making .50pistols???(RANT)

I was going to mod a desert eagle .43 to shoot .50 but I couldn't get it to shoot .43 satisfactorily....

I'm watching 700 machinists with ZERO imagination race each other in bringing out 700 different AR's.
Do we need another imitation of the exact same rifle?
When you can already put together 100 different variations using 20year old markers?

What a horrendous waste of talent and time.

JT is smarter than all of you. They brought out a .50cal pistol that will outsell all your fancy markers combined.
Of course being JT they failed in execution and ended up with springloaded plastic.

They'll still outsell the rest of the magfed market.

Companies are making .50 cal paint. A ready supply.

A slight improvement to the RAM type pistols could give an IDENTICAL COPY of the 1911 that shot paint. An IDENTICAL COPY of the glock that shot paint.

Yeah, you're right, noone would buy that.... Sorry to trouble you!

Instead someone could spend 8 months to make an m16a2 just like mine that had a scuff on the grip and a rattly sling mount....... and get the rattle JUST right!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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