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The battery isn't in the back, it is the floor of the car. It ends before the rear tires. So you have a bit of open space (The trunk) before the solid motor and rear axle and then the battery. But I get where you are coming from. The NHTSA gets their cars in the spring/summer of this year, so we will have to see how they do with impacts and such.
I am just worried that there is no crumple zone in the back where the kids are sitting. There is bumper, then their feet, and maybe a couple of inches of space between their faces and the hatch glass. While I can see why they are trying to maximize seating space, I just think it is a VERY poor idea to have seats that close to a potential area that routinely gets hits (rear end accidents).

The other concern I have about electric cars is the strain they will put on the electrical grid. Places like California already have rolling black/brown outs in the summer because of air conditioning. Can you imagine the strain of everyone plugging in their cars at night? There needs to be massive reform in the grid in places like that before the can be main stream.
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