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I'm saying:
A: the 3357 and the success of players using them and the fact that they're being pieced together like zombies and resold as we speak give the lie to the first few. Is 50 inferior? YES. Is a pistol inferior to a rifle in real life? YES. So, you're complaining about 50 pistols because they are realistic in that sense. We LIKE a handgun that's as powerful as a rifle, is THAT IT? Not us!!!

B. Pistols are a niche market because making pistols is hard when you can make an easier buck in regular markers. The guys at Tippmann told me in 09 that pistols were a niche market and I told them this: "It's not that noone makes a good pistol because noone wants to play that way, it's that noone wants to play that way because noone's made a good pistol."
3 years later after selling over 30,000 of them they told me I was right. I am right. I've been playing pistols for 27 years and for all of them I've seen that look in people's eyes, heard the questions and answered them as kindly as I could. Will everybody be a nut like me and play with them, of course not. however that doesn't change the fact that folks would buy them in droves, far more than for a specific iteration of AR.
Or go outside the box. Make a Bergmann Pistole model 1910 that shoots first strikes:

As to whether there is a 'pistol market' I would say that the 2 companies to stumble into it correctly lately, Tiberius then Tippmann are both doing quite well off this imaginary market...

C. I said that 50 cal is currently being produced. That means that it can be matched to any field paint and special ordered through the field. I used my 3357s at hell survivors until the late 90s this way, easy.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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