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I recall a game at Excalibur. It was late in the day and everyone was a bit tired and not really paying attention. I walk down the path towards the castle and find two blue players firing towards a group of red players down the path from foxholes. The blue team controls the castle and these red players are between the castle and the blue players in the holes. I eliminate the blue players and walk towards the castle. The red players who had been pinned sprint off and draw the fire from the castle. I stop next to a ref who looks at my armband and tells me all those players up there are blue (we are standing pretty much in the open on the center of the path). The look on his face when I told him I know and opened fire.... PRICELESS. We both got lit up but I eliminated a LOT of the other players who had been milling around in front of the castle
"Sometimes the point of doing something is not to find the "best" way of doing it, but to discover the most fun" - Gever Tulley

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