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Originally Posted by BlueTrane2028 View Post
^ I've done this by mistake before, but not from as close. That's lack of trigger control and the major downside of electros and especially ramping modes. I was on the receiving end of such an event myself this past weekend. Guy hit me on the first ball, but he already had eight more in the air by the time the first one hit. While unpleasant and avoidable, I don't necessarily think malice is part of the equation. Of course, every incident is its own. This doesn't tick me off nearly as much as hearing about a guy that unloads a whole hopper on a kid just because he can.
It's not 'unpleasant and avoidable' so much as utterly unsafe and a serious problem with how the game's being played.

You're holding a device that throws ~300 fps balls of paint, that can easily take out an eye. Not being 100% able to control when it goes off is a monsterous safety hazard, especially given how easy it is for someone to slip wrong and lose their goggles.
"Electric paintball guns are a good way for kids to support their local field by buying so much extra paint."

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