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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
Is there any info on the lower battery limit? What if you drive like hell out of the stop lights and corners at night with the lights, wipers and AC/heat going? I think the hybrids get about half their top mileage when you beat them up (?).
Actually, they work really well. A reporter figured it would have issues like you said, and did a bunch of stuff to try and run one out of energy so he could bash it...

Tesla had a gps computer with all the readings, and busted him after he trashed them in the New York Times.

The whole story is a pretty pathetic piece of "journalism".

You can read it for yourself here.

Consumer reports had nothing but good things to say about the Tesla, you can google their article.

Here is an article with links to most of the press on the S.
Tesla's Elon Musk enjoys sweet revenge | Technology |

From what I have seen it is a pretty amazing car. I think electric cars are interesting and in full disclosure, I have GEM car 4 seater in my garage at home right now... (with a circuit board issue...)
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