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My recommendations

Mask, whatever is comfy, fits your glasses, has thermal lenses and costs over $35 as a rule. Go to a store and try them on. For your budget definitely get a carbon fibur tank, 68/4500 is the most popular size. Ninja, crossfire, gorilla, dye etc... Qloaders have a steep learning curve and can be finiky as well as pricey. Most guys use a force feed hopper to load them so keep that in mind. Most people don't use them and there is a reason, if your determined more power to you. Hard to beat an invert too, vlocity or pinokio for the price. Markers, I would look at a tm-15 for that price. Mini in a milsim, great shooter. Also a sm-1 a used agd tac one will work very well. If is was me, I'd get the tm-15. Vtac echo vest, cheap and very functional. Hope this helps.
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