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T9.1 Longbow adapter, 4 longbow mags, .1 extenstion, and misc accessories

For sale MAYBE trade but only trades of equal or greater value in the realm of milsim/magfed.
I do NOT need to sell the longbow, I just use it less frequently so would rather it get use. Price might be high but offer you can.
Shipping depends on location and amount you buy. Outside CONUS is all on your dime

Specops longbow magazine adapter - 100
Specops longbow magazine - each 125
Holster - 35 for the better one, 28 for the lesser
The metal clips I think are for some military webbing attachment? They work great securing to a belt.
Buy it all and can get a better price than the individual prices

Since there seems to be confusion about pricing, these are if you're buying ONLY that item.
To make things simpler I have two "packages" I can offer
Longbow Starter kit - 1 adapter, 2 mags, 1 holster 300+shipping
The next 2 mags and holster - 220+shipping
Holsters are first come first serve as far as which one you want

Lapco Str8shot for 8.1/9,1 - .686 for FS and 68 cal - 70
3 8.0 Mags - 45
1 - .1 exetension , FS capable, slotted to about 16 can be slotted for more - $65

Offer on
Lapco Red dot
Lapco trirail riser
UTG? trirail riser
Rap4 m4/ar15/m16 style carry handle with rail
Tiberius vertical foregrip
Vetrical forgrip with side rail
Sight riser fits Tiberius (think 1 inch) and smaller with included sizer

Will be adding vest and pouches soon

MCB Feedback
Also on PBN and the Tiberius forums with the same name

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