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So we know that less than 50% of players wear a cup, and clearly if you run for the flags, you are going to be shot for as long as you are visible... Even after you are clearly out... but, evidently that is OK because;

1) It was their choice to run up the hill
2) I wasn't the only one shooting them
3) Once the balls are in the air you cannot stop them
4) they keep running, so I keep shooting

I wonder how many players have been injured from this type of play?

Why is this acceptable behavior in paintball?

Because we slowly let it be. I hate people like this. Attitude is "Oh its part of the game, suck it up."

No. It's not part of the game. You're making something that shouldn't be part of the game the norm, thus giving it a bad name. People wonder why paintball has been shrinking..its because of dudes like this.
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Now that's something worth fundraising for, an MCB zombie defense fort. With indoor fields. And blackjack. And hookers.
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