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Because we slowly let it be. I hate people like this. Attitude is "Oh its part of the game, suck it up."

No. It's not part of the game. You're making something that shouldn't be part of the game the norm, thus giving it a bad name. People wonder why paintball has been shrinking..its because of dudes like this.
It is a part of BIG GAMES. Things get crazy, people get overshot. It happens when you have 1000+ people on the field. I use a pump for rec play and try to one ball people as often as possible. I teach the younger rec players with electros to play on semi and shoot less on a snap so everyone gets to have a good time without being overshot. Now when I hit the field for a big game with dozens of people shooting at me, you bet I have my electro on 12 BPS ramp and hose. Big games are not the same as rec play.
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