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I'd like to bring this back around to the SP1 idea. You say the only thing holding you back is not finding a stock? There are Rap4 & Trinity stocks still available for the SP1. I've also seen an adaptor that allows for any Tippmann 98 Custom stock as well. It can even be turned into a mech if you want. Check out the mech ion kits in the Dealers BST section. I think they've hashed out the details for vibe/sp1 kits. $130 is hard to pass up, and it will fit your preferences perfectly.

SP1 can take co2 or hpa, which is nice for whichever gas source you decide on. If you choose co2 and DON'T run a remote line, get the tank anti-siphoned.

VForce Profiler (and the Grill, sort of) fit the best over glasses in my experience. I've tried I3 Pros, Proflexes, & E-Vents with glasses, and the lenses of all of them touched my frames enough to notice. Profiler did not - cutouts in the foam provided space for the arms, and the lens bubbles out to lend clearance for the frames. May want to pick up a dual-pane lens for the Profiler, though. I hated the single layer thermal-treated ones they came with. I wear contacts exclusively when playing now, so i've been addicted to Proflexes for a while.

No experience with vests.

I owned a qloader briefly, but never used in-game. Looks like they've provided many more adapters for various guns, which is nice since they provided none of that when i had mine. Although, the SP1 mod kit looks like it just allows a direct mount onto the SP1's neck, which kinda defeats the purpose of being "hopper-less." Main reason i got rid of it is because pre-loading the special pods was a pain for only holding 100 balls each, they were expensive, and some packs couldn't hold them cuz they're fatter.
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