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Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
If they want to make a round that is useful make a practice round that duplicates the FS numbers.

Make it bright orange or something like that.

We made plastic delrin FS rounds that shot just as good as the real thing. We were always losing them and breaking the fins so they are not forever and they saved a lot of money.

Although we did not shoot them out of a rifled barrel.

They could be made out of a denser foam to get the weight up. I used to make and shoot a lot of wax bullets and I would put a BB in the nose and it improved the accuracy a 100%.

They could make it nose heavy with those little 43 caliber rubber balls that R4 sells. This would give it better accuracy.

It would be no difference than shooting reball. I don't think they would be as brutal as reball. But you wouldn't be using it in a game.

You could load the nose with a chalk powder for a spectacular visual aid.

They are already molding the round just take it to the next level.

I would be in for some.
I'm working on it as part of my Flexrounds series

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