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Soft Gear - head wraps, battle belt, map pouch

From the bottom of my paintball gear box, straight to the sale thread.
Prices include shipping within the continental US. If you're outside of that, it'll be a little extra. Not interested in trades. No shennanigans. No returns.

Special Ops Battle Belt - Woodland camo
- NEW; got it, but never wore it.
Secures with elastic and velcro, so it shouldn't bounce around while running.
$25 shipped

Special Ops headwrap - OMNIPAT camo SOLD
- almost new; wore it once or twice.
$25 shipped

Special Ops Map Pouch - Multicam SOLD
- NEW; got it, but never used it.
holds maps and ID
$15 shipped

Sandana headwrap - Camo Skulls SOLD
- used, in good shape, clean
$10 shipped

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