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Originally Posted by djm902 View Post
So will I need an adapter to use a ac threaded barrel ?
I am looking to get hammerhead battle stick barrel and was wondering
if they were made with ac threading? If so what sizer should I get? The 686 is the one I am leaning towards?

We have thread in breaches for the AC threaded barrels. We can make them work with the shell sizers or no sizers.

We are not going to make breaches for every barrel thread.Unless of course there is a barrel that shoots 1" at a 100 yards.

I am shooting the HH 14" battle stick which is AC threaded. I feed the FS directly into this barrel.

It is a one shot, first shot hit everytime and everytime after that.

When people come over to the shop I let them shoot at the 70 yards mark. 5 shots 5 kills and they have never shot or even seen this gun before.
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