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Setting the pieces in place...

So now that I'm committed, how many of you are not using rifled barrels? I have the smaller bores of a Freak set (0.679, 0.682, & 0.684) that I just picked up for my pumps after so many rollouts on both during our last outlaw game a couple of months ago and also have the complete Flasc control bore kit with the smallest barrel being 0.680 up to 0.693. Either of those should be in the FS friendly zone. I'm going to stop all paintball related purchases until this is in my hands and may need to sell a couple of the loaners, plus I have 3-4 shrouds just laying around from playing dress-up with my BT4s (loaners and all), so I hope I'll be set.

Bill, so a barrel will be included? It is rifled? If not it seems like the Hammerhead is the favorite for FS in general based on what I remember from trolling the Tib forums and a little on the ACES forum, besides the threads here.
Just trying to set all the pieces in place.

Thanks, All!
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