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[QUOTE=Brother Jerry;2719335]Interesting idea...been thinking of doing something similar on my own.

And I agree that scopes do not allow for "accuracy" in paintball, they do allow an experienced user the ability to snap up and potentially drop first rounds on or near target more accurately and more rapidly. But again this is only for the experienced user who knows his gun and its behavior. While paint varies tremendously it does not take long to learn how that functions in your marker.

I have found it can help (like you said) if you do away with the crosshairs and use a open center ring.

Now if you make the ring a reasonable side to take into account vairables of paintballs then it can be a good help in shooting paintballs.

For example if you put the ring on center of some guys chest and the ring covers the whole chest you know that the paintball will land (hopefully) within that ring and since it is filled by the shleps chest you can get a hit.

Overall scopes to well on the cool factor on milsim setup guns but overall not so useful as a whole.

As someone said here if they could get a scope with a transmitter powerfull enough to let spectators off field, teammates on field with a cell phone size receiver, bases at scenerio events, and field commanders at said events THAT would be cool. You get again a tour of duty type view and entertainment.

Combine that with field cameras and you may have a tv viewing show/

My two cents
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