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MicroMag RT part out

All Is Sold

Im parting out a full Micromag 2k Rt. Descriptions of parts will be with the pictures. Everything is Or Best Offer and shipped. Only trades are Vertical feed Blazers.

Stock .45 frame with Pachmyr grips in good shape. $50

SOLD RT MicroMag valve: Has all brand new orings, spring, bolt, and bumper. But, for some reason it vents down the barrel. I have no clue, could be a spacer problem, I gave up trying to fix it. $75 sound reasonable? SOLD

MicroMag vertical feed body: Good shape, only scratches are on the front where the vertical grip goes. has the sear and frame screw. Has been modded for set screws on the feedneck. $110

MicroMag vertical grip: in good shape with some scratches on the pocket for the body. Includes the screw for it and a 1/8" NPT plug. $50

Everything is a strong O.B.O. and members will get special deals. Let me know if my prices are outrageous. I can take more pictures if you'd like.

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