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So this is the image I was running with.....

This is the raw body:

This is the concept image:

Again, this is only a guideline but the colors that I told Ton6 about were a dark purple, some black, some brown and neon green. Basically neon green on the accent parts (milling, middle of eye covers, dimples on the regular aluminum barrel, lpr and frame electronic board buttons and wherever else he thought might be appropriate). He is going to make the body look "skin-like" in appearance as much as possible. Basically, the idea is to avoid the joker, watermelon, hulk, Lex Luthor look etc etc lol.

I am also using PE aurora parts on the barrel and feedneck plus I also have a fully aurora'd ODD PE barrel as well which is freak bored.

These are all of the parts that I am using or plan on using:

Not pictured are custom G10 grips with neon green, purple and black layers and I am going to replace the clear panelling on the back of the frame with this instead:

As Abathur would say, "New essence. Initiating new strain....." Lol.
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