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I cant explain your reality, it yours just like mine is mine. What your seeing in your area I have no knowledge about. I live in Phx and I only know of 1/2 out-of-6 scenario fields here that dont allow. Events I have attended in the past and current events in S Cali allow them (SC Village, Giant Sportz etc).

I have done checking and my homework for events that I attend... cuz frankly I wont play in an event anymore unless I can use FSR. I am on several sniper fourms as well. D-Day, LL6 endorses them too. Are you looking in the right places ?

Im not into long arduous discussions that are back and forth.... talk to you in a year and lets see where this stands about FS rounds... DEAL ? I am betting you will see them ~relatively~ everywhere within 2 years. They might have a different classification but MANY major markers are moving towards shooting FS rounds (Dye Dam, SR1, MR5 ... ). Its a FACT that vendors are moving that way. Fields will follow. I have tested being shot by them, they hurnt no more or less than any other PB. In fact the cheapo hard shell stuff hurts more than a FS round. My buddies confirm this.

By the way, I have some professional experience in marketing and product innovation, development, market introduction. This is a no-brainer from things I have seen in the past. Get READY, its coming down the tube (literally, haha) !

RE:CrimsonDeath... yea, your right, I should rephrase that ;-)

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As much as I would hope the initial sentence to be true, I'm not seeing it.

If it's so true in the west, why am I not getting more submissions ... SNIP
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