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Originally Posted by kevdupuis View Post
Right now I'm reading Night Watch by Terry Pratchett.
I love the Discworld series.
Discworld is awesome. Me and my sister have been reading it since I picked up a copy of Guards! Guards! in the '90's, and our aged mother just started reading it last year. Since she's moved in with my wife and I, she's been reading through my collection of hardbacks, and I recently gave her The Last Elephant, which she thought would be the last one. I chuckled and said, "nope, there's far more to come. You haven't even gotten to the kids novels yet!"

Originally Posted by noahlindberg View Post
I am on book 2 of the death gate cycle, by Margaret Wes and Tracy Hickman. Any one have books 3-7that they want to sell?

I also started World War Z this week, I am liking it so far.
Now there's a series I need to get the rest of the books for. It's been ages since I've read any of the Death Gate novels, and the first 2 were good, as I recall. *hmmm* It's been a while, maybe I should read them again before I buy the rest of them, see if my memories aren't being viewed through rose-tinted lenses.

And WWZ is an excellent novel. No idea how the movie of the same name is going to turn out, but the book is great.

Originally Posted by BlueFish View Post
Just finished Feed by Mira Grant, about to start World War Z, while I am waiting for the next Patrick Frievald book to be released. I am on a bit of a zombie lit kick.

Also reading the Iron Druid series by a local author Kevin Hearne. Highly recommend it.
Mira Grant's Newsflesh is one of the best zombie series out there. I'm deep in Jordan's Wheel of Time, but as I'm on book 8 of 14, after this one I'm taking a break and picking up Jonathan Maberry's Rot & Ruin from the public library to reset my brain for the last half of WoT. Oh, and the second Walking Dead compendium is on its way to me from Amazon right now. Let's see, $60 on the shelf at the local Barnes & Noble, or $38, free shipping, from Amazon? Yeah, the internet wins again.
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