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Today's trip to Lowe's involves purchasing 3-way switches. We inherited a number of 3-way light runs that were wired incorrectly, and also have dimmer switches in them currently. Dimmers and CFLs don't mix, however, so while I have them apart to fix them, I'm switching them over to regular switches at the same time just so my CFLs will actually last like they're supposed to.

Also on the list - 4' bulbs for the kitchen, an indoor dryer vent, and spacers to help fix my garden cart. Why do I want to buy $15 replacement pneumo tires for a cart that'll just get torn up when I can get solid rubber ones from Harbor Freight (that'll never go flat) for $7 per?

Originally Posted by mustangii View Post
Stripped cat urine soaked carpet out of Mater Bathroom, Sealed particle board with shellac based primer, Installed Laminate flooring.
I know you meant to type "Master Bedroom", but I still saw this in my mind when I read that:

The curse of having a 4-year old who loves her some Pixar goodness.

Good looking job you did, Ed, good to hear from you again, it's been a while.
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