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Originally Posted by longhornjake View Post
Hey Trinity,

Did you do any significant testing with smoothbores? I have the smaller inserts for a Freak kit (up to 0.684) and a complete Flasc kit. I'm trying to see what else I need to save money for besides FS rounds. Thanks!
I shot through lots of smooth bores on both the Tiberius and SR1 platforms using many different barrel lengths. I am convinced rifling is far superior for first strikes. I am not trying to sell Hammerhead barrels for them. I don't think Hammerhead did anything to develop a special first strike barrel; it just happened to have a product in place when first strikes were introduced. In the future we may see a barrel with rifling specifically designed for first strikes or (and even more likely)!we will see a new and improved type of round. So far though, the best results I have been able to achieve has been with a Hammerhead barrel and a .686 and .688 fin.
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