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Will there be an option to get custom ano from the factory, say with the top shelf package?
After we get rolling a bit, maybe. If we stay small it will be harder/more expensive.

I would like to do that as an option, or possibly work to send un-anoed guns out to custom shops straight, and have it come back for assembly.

Since we handle the assembly and testing that is possible.

Did we get a release date?
Not yet. When you see guns shooting in videos and us saying we have the final bodies in then expect it to be really soon.

The mech will be following the electro, just later.
The patent is wide on this gun, so we have several options for the design. It will take time to come out with some of the versions, we obviously need to get this one out first. But a mech gun with built in adjustable disconnecting bolt is one of them.

And this isn't our only gun design. We have a couple in our pocket. We still have the Shiva to put on the market.

And then.... :P

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