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Originally Posted by tlane77 View Post
I have never heard of any story where someone calls the cops saying someone had a gun and it was really a gun.

Two years ago, I think, guy walking around the mall. Some dip**** calls the cops saying that someone is walking around with a samurai sword across his back. SWAT teams, cops, evacuation, etc they tear the mall apart looking for him.

The "suspect" walked out of the mall going about his business. He goes back to work where he sees the news and all the hoopla. Says to himself " holy crap that's me". Goes back to the mall and turns himself in.

It was an umbrella. If I remember correctly it wasn't one of those that looks like an actual samurai sword.

Lots of time and money wasted for nothing.
Originally Posted by Frizzle Fry View Post
LOL I was at the mall that day, in Burlington. The best part was that people reported a man with a "rifle"... Only in Massachusetts would someone be so out of touch as to mistake a sword for a rifle, let alone an umbrella that vaguely resembles like a sword.
This happened at my college 2 years ago. Someone was walking with one of those katana umbrellas (since there was a huge chance of rain that day) and one of the bus drivers for the shuttles around campus called the cops because he thought it was a- and i quote - "high powered hunting rifle".

Needless to say, a lot of professors canceled classes that day. The idiot kid didn't get in any trouble but the cops took his umbrella and a lot of kids were pissed at him because they missed class due to the dorm lock-down that occurred.

I always bag my guns and keep em in the trunk. ESPECIALLY my KP.
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