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Best post-game meals?

Normally after a day of playing paintball, my friends and I go to a local burger joint. Good burgers, fries, tea or soda, and we talk about what a great time we had. Very fun, very social, and a relaxed way to end the night.

But, I had a thought. Something that should've been obvious, but, er, I only thought about now!

"What would be the ideal post-game meal to aid in recovering from a hard day of playing?"

The folks I play with run the gamut of ages, but us folks in our mid-30's and older? Yeah, we're not bouncing back like we used to. Sure, there's ibuprofen and the like the next day, but that's only part of things, you know?

I remember from when I used to look at weight lifting and the like, there's tons of advice for post-workout meals and the like. But, uhm, we're not doing short and intense, so I really don't know how it tracks. We do go through like water in vast amounts, though.

Suggestions? Ideas? I got back in a few months ago thanks to some friends, and would like to keep playing for years and years
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