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Mokal Titan

This is a friend of mines Mokal Titan, he used to use this from the late 90's to the early 2000's. He then got married, had a kid and the rest of life got in the way for paintball. He was cleaning out his garage a couple of weeks ago and came across all his old equipment, so he asked me to go through it all and see what I can get for it. So I've cleaned this thing up (it's in mint condition inside and out) and was pleasantly surprised how well this gun shoots so I'm going to take it out to my local filed this weekend and play a game or 2 with it and it'll be hitting the B/S/T next week. Anyway I've done some reading on this gun and it already has most of the improvements done to it, it has an ACI ASA, a Benchmark Expansion Chamber and a Smart Parts 14" All-American barrel.


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